Building solid relationships through proven strategy

Est. 2018
iN-Connection Strategies aims to accelerate business growth through building and maintaining solid professional relationships. We accomplish this through training and educational opportunities that demonstrate how to eliminate challenges by aligning your business to other beneficial businesses. The intent is to help you build a community of revolving clients, supporters and allies resulting in expanded reach and more profits!

In 2018, iN-Connection Strategies was birthed as an answer to my burning passion to use my skills as a connector to help small businesses. I recognized the lack of effective relationship establishment among my event clients and began offering the relationship strategy as an additional service. The pivot from event management was not difficult considering both services centered around effective relationship management. 

We pride ourselves on the ability to create space and opportunity that allow creative entrepreneurs to make extraordinary connections, embrace & celebrate individuality, while expanding their reach, accelerating their business and increasing profits! 
All of our solutions are rooted in the importance of community and strong business relationships. In 2020, we managed to successfully expand the business model beyond our current event clients to small businesses across the Midwest. We are continuously building new relationships within our current market while seeking new markets to conquer. With each accomplishment, our credibility grows and we won't stop until we become the number one creative strategy agency in the nation. 

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