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We're Up For The Challenge!

Est. 2015
iN-Connection Strategies aims to enhance business growth through building strong relationships within your organization and community. We accomplish this through training and educational opportunities that demonstrate how to leverage your skills, connect and frame your support network.
In 2015, I decided to limit my event management business to servicing community events and business consulting focused on solving business challenges. Legally operating under the name "For All Creative Purposes," - iN-connection Strategies was birthed and added as a d.b.a. to separate events from strategic services. iN-Connection Strategies prides itself in the ability to solve business issues for small business owners. All of iN-Connection Strategies' solutions are rooted in the importance of community and strong business relationships.
The change was life & career altering, revealing my best skill set. My ability to give attention to every detail to the smallest degree and ability to come up with solutions to complex issues in a pinch became my best business asset.
As a serial entrepreneur, I am passionate about business, business owners and community. Beyond the need for advice, I quickly realized there was a gap between gaining business knowledge and and being able to execute the steps necessary for success. After having several conversations with clients who would ask "What's next?" referencing how to create actionable attainable steps to go from goals to success, redirecting my services became a "no-brainer"

We are up for your challenge!

iN-Connection Strategies has managed to successfully pivot the business model and expand our audience throughout the Midwest. We are continuously building new relationships within our current market while seeking new markets to conquer. With each accomplishment, our credibility grows and we won't stop until we become the number one business relationship strategy agency in the nation. 
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