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Authentic connection determines the quality of our relationships.
The quality of our relationships are a reflection of our financial outcomes."
 -S.C. Niles

"Relationships give you access to limitless opportunities!" - SC Niles



A business is a series of relationships and connections are currency. The success of our business is based on how well we are connected to our customers, vendors, collaborators, partners and community. There is an overall understanding for the importance of relationships, but the realization that who you know outweighs what you know is often overlooked. The inability to use professional relationships as an advantage is problematic to successful business growth. iN-Connection Strategies is the answer to your relationship short falls and your most complex challenges.  Our focus surrounds creating opportunities that encourage connection and growth while cultivating a community of supportive allies. We demonstrate how intentional alignment provides access to solutions for all your business challenges.  


Creative professionals are the heart of our client base. We recognize their deep reluctance to connecting and lack of trust in unfamiliar people. Our training emphasizes the need for authentic connections to eliminate distrust and maximize opportunities.  Common networking practices place creative professionals in boxes that they rarely are able to operate within. These practices focus on transaction over genuine connection. We demonstrate how business leaders can show up authentically in their unique personality, and build a community, a tribe that is assigned to their uniqueness while expanding their reach and building community equity. 


Our programs help you:

                                                 * Identify strengths and weaknesses 

                                                 * Identify access to opportunities

                                                 * Develop strategic methods to achieve collaboration goals

                                                 * Maximize current professional connections & develop new connections.

FEAR is the number one challenge!


At the heart of almost every challenge we help to resolve, is FEAR! We all experience fear. It's human, it's natural and it's real! Fear shows up as: insecurity, anxiety, the result of trauma and past experiences, For so many small business owners, fear is the biggest challenge. It hinders their ability to trust others and encourages the mindset that one can do everything for their business themselves.  Our strategies and solutions don't teach business leaders to disregard fear, but to use it as a tool and encourage them to reclaim their power and connect with other businesses and organizations to create win-win opportunities. 

If FEAR is holding you back, be sure to sign up for one of our educational presentations or events to get simple actionable strategies for overcoming the thing that holds you back!

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