"Accelerating your business growth through
 building and maintaining solid professional relationships."

What We Do

Creative Business Strategy with a therapeutic approach.


What is Creative Business Strategy?

An actionable outline of steps utilizing an out-of-the-box process to eliminate the roadblocks preventing 

a company from reaching its goals and objectives. This process plus a human-centered approach equals iN-Connection Strategies.

Why are Professional Relationships Important?

Building professional relationships is about building your own community. Creating a network of professionals, experts, and friends offers you and your business opportunities for greater success. Although the components of a sustainable effective community are the same,  a community may look different from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. The goal of our services is to accelerate your business outcomes by aligning you with the most appropriate businesses and organizations to ensure success. 

Through our strategies you will recognize:


  • Strengths and weaknesses 

  • Simple solutions to complex challenges or situations

  • Strategic methods to achieve goals

  • Increased competitive edge

  • Support & sustainability for the future

  • professional connections that result in positive outcomes.

Three reasons business professionals fail to build strong business relationships: 
3) Not enough time or effort invested
2) More emphasis placed on making sales than the creating authentic connection?

There is a universal opinion that strong professional relationships enhance business.

If this is true, why aren’t they happening more often? 

In business we are taught false principles like, "fake it til you make it." It is this type of thinking that results in business owners pretending to know it all, even when they have no clue! The idea that a business owner has to have all the answers and do it all alone is a myth that can destroy a business.


Professional relationships are a necessary part of success. Your business community should be a select group of people that you can rely on for support, direction and insight while providing the same in return. It's a balance of give and take but requires the "give" before you can take. What are you giving? The best of who you are, your authentic self while providing a level of transparency to develop trust.


"Authentic connection determines the quality of our relationships.
The quality of our relationships determine outcomes."
 -S.C. Niles
Our therapeutic relationship strategies teach you the winning skills to establish the strongest relationships, while placing you in the right circles to add the best people to your network community. Our strategies provide you with proven success methods that require little time investment while demystifying common networking techniques, We aim to remove the fear factor and create unlimited opportunities for new connections. Building professional relationships is a proven method for expanding your customer base, community credibility and inclusion. 
Businesses fostering a culture of positive relationship building will cultivate an atmosphere of transparent interaction resulting in trust and respect among employees, service providers and consumers.
Our process: 


  • Ensuring a strong foundation

  • Building relationships among employees,  partners (vendors), and consumers.

  • Identifying perspective connections

  • Identifying common goals and values 

  • Preparing to be vulnerable/ sharing personal aspects

  • The "Give First"method