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Let's Our Celebrate Failures!

Here is an unconventional thought for today. Why aren't you celebrating your failures?

Failures are inevitable according to a trending post I recently saw. I see you posting, liking and sharing all of the empowering posts about how failures aren't final, how failures are a part of the learning and growing process, but do you really agree with them? I am going to say your answer is no, because you hide your own! I admit I am sometimes guilty of the same. Let's attribute it to bad teaching. Somewhere in our lives we learned that failure is bad and if others know about it, it's even worse! That is until we become a "multi-gazillionaire" and tell our story of trial and triumph. It is only after we achieve a level of success that others determine are we open to talking about the failures we have endured.

A recent epiphany I've had was in the midst of a failure. I planned a specifically curated event for a people in the food industry and was set to happen mid May 2023. The idea began after attending a meeting for industry professionals. I listened to what was being said and realized, there was a need for a place where this group of people could to come together and discuss solutions to issues within the local industry. A place curated to meet the needs of food professionals. I was so excited about this idea. As a strategist and a foodie, this was two of my greatest passions: bringing people together and talking about food!

I am also a community food advocate. I work with several organizations and groups to ensure people can access food that not only satisfies appetite, but is good for them. (I was recently featured in PATTERN MAGAZINE, for work I did with a local organization within the food space. Check out their Spring 2023 issue) I put my creative juices to work to get this event going and began circulating invites on social platforms and email blasts.

Then came the crickets!

You know the chirping insects that represent the lack of sound outside of their annoying mating calls! Yes, it was so quiet by day 10 of marketing registrations were at 9%! That was not at all what I expected after being included in so many conversations, then inviting those same individuals to take part in what they expressed they wanted! What was missing? A few days before the event was set to happen, I took a brave step to postpone it. I recognized that something was missing and I needed to figure out what it was before I went through with this event. I work and live by discernment. I have learned in the last few years to stop ignoring what I know is happening because ignoring it, does not stop anything! The event will eventually happen, it's not cancelled just postponed. However, I really started to feel like I failed at what I was trying to do. I could not take the financial risk of going through with the event and loosing much more money as a result.

If I am being completely honest, this failure brought up a lot of self doubt. I had a plan, I activated it and the results were not favorable. The reality is, I don't know the results because I feared the failure, and failed to continue based on what I saw prior to the event. Who knows what the results may have been had I gone through with the the event. But, my discernment told me something was missing and the results would not have been what I intended. The lessons I've gained so far have been so valuable in planning for the next event. I am grateful for first putting myself out there to try and secondly having the ambition to keep trying until I get the results I intended.

Why would someone celebrate failing?

Fail=First Attempt In Learning. When things didn't work out as I imagined, It provided me an opportunity to figure out what went wrong. I had to review my process, revise some steps, remove some things I initially thought were good moves and release myself from the emotional tie to anything that did not work. I can't say I completely know a fool proof method for making this project perfect, but I have fresh eyes to pay better attention to each step of the process.

I am celebrating a few things:

1. The first is my ability to step out and try. Not trying is the biggest failure you will ever endure. In my attempt, I had the opportunity to evaluate the market. Even if I didn't approach all aspects correctly, how would I know correct until I attempt?

2. I am also celebrating not giving up on the process. I know any level of success requires several attempts. You know the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

3. I am celebrating the ability to go back to the drawing board and create something better.

4. Lastly, I am celebrating the progress! As I type this blog post the new event details are being solidified.

Show gratitude for your current position! Gratitude reminds us of our humanness, it keeps us humble. Don't concern yourself with where others are, what "they" are doing or how long it took "them" to get there. You are on your own journey, writing the next chapter of your own book! I am grateful knowing this process will only strengthen my next offer. I am also grateful you are reading this right now. I know there is someone reading this wanting to quit because of a recent failure. I am grateful to be able to talk about my failures, freely without the concern of judgement.

I hope you join me in the celebration of learning and growing! Be sure to check out my networking events in the Indianapolis area. If you are in another city, let me know if you would like me to bring an event to your city. Thanks for reading.

To greatness and beyond!

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