Meet your    new  HERO!

Hey there!

Glad you stopped by! I'm Sherrita C.Niles, Creative Strategist/Relationship Developer affectionately known as the "Business Challenge Assassin".

I am founder and CEO of iN-Connection Strategies, a strategic solutions agency offering simple, actionable yet creative strategies to solve common business challenges.

I am a genuine people lover! Who is passionate about assisting others reaching their greatest potential. As a servant, a leader, a life-learner, a creative problem solver, and a very compassionate individual, I recognize that we are all on separate journeys within the same world. I believe my assignment is to assist others with navigating their journey in the best possible manner while utilizing what is available to them, and sharing my own resources and knowledge along the way. 

iN-Connection Strategies is a people centered agency created to provide solutions to those who have a plan, an idea but are in need of a guide to help them arrive. Our ideal clients are established entities who offer unique products or services that sets them apart from competitors, yet they struggle to emerge authentically to attract their desired results. 


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As a seasoned entrepreneur I recognize the conflict between meeting industry demands and remaining authentic to your uniqueness. I have overcome these situations, learned great lessons and use them to help entrepreneurs and business owners just like you! Roadblocks are inevitable at any stage of business, my aim is to create a success plan for attaining goals and restoring confidence.

My 15 years of entrepreneurship plus 20+ year background in corporate, private, and nonprofit relationship building has provided me experience in:

  • Human Services 

  • Customer Service 

  • Organizational Management & Compliance

  • Community Advocacy

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Event management 

As a strategist and relationship developer, I understand that the impression left with consumers is more about who you are over the product or service you offer. I use this knowledge combined with the skill gained from previous experience and my natural ability to creatively problem solve, to eliminate the challenges you currently face. This makes me the "Assassin" you need to destroy all your roadblocks! Allow me to help you adjust your perspective, remove fear & frustration, accelerate your business growth and get you to more money!

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We create space where exceptional entrepreneurs can connect in extrodinary ways!