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Meet your    new  HERO!


Hey there!

Glad you stopped by! I'm Sherrita C.Niles, affectionately known as the "Business Challenge Assassin,"  and professionally known as a Creative Strategist who offers simple, actionable yet creative strategies to solve complex business challenges.

What is a "Creative Strategist"?

Community Builder, Engagement Strategist, Problem Solver, Event curator & manager, Artist and Author is a lot to rattle off and pretty overwhelming to take in as the listener, so I created this title to encapsulate all of the skills I posses. I have 25+ years of working and learning from several private, nonprofit and government positions that allowed me to gain the skills necessary to be exactly who I am today. 

I am founder and CEO of "For All Creative Purposes, LLC" established in 2019. In 2020 iN-Connection Strategies, was birthed as a subsidiary. iN-Connection Strategies is a strategic solutions agency. who partners with businesses to create space, opportunities and strategies for leveraging social capital and establishing or maintaining community credibility for future sustainability and accelerated growth.


My methods lean heavily on my relationship building, and strategic alignment skills, combined with out of the box critical ideation, I have the pleasure of designing my own creative business lane! I carefully tailor services to help businesses shift focus from transaction to transformation resulting in long term business sustainability. 

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Creating space, opportunities and strategies where professionals can develop, cultivate, and leverage relationships to accelerate their business for future sustainability.

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