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Meet your    new  HERO!


Hey there!

Glad you stopped by! I'm Sherrita C.Niles, Creative Strategist/Relationship Developer, super connector and creative,  affectionately known as the "Business Challenge Assassin".

I am founder and CEO of iN-Connection Strategies, a strategic solutions agency offering simple, actionable yet creative strategies to solve common business challenges.

I am a genuine people lover who is passionate about assisting others in reaching their greatest potential. As a servant, a leader, a life-learner, a creative problem solver, and a very compassionate individual, I recognize that we are all on separate journeys within the same world. I believe my assignment is to assist others with navigating their journey in the best possible manner while utilizing what is available to them, and sharing my own resources and knowledge along the way. 

iN-Connection Strategies is a people centered agency creating space, opportunities and strategies where professionals can develop, cultivate, and leverage social capital to accelerate their business for future sustainability and unlimited profits. Our ideal clients are established entities who offer unique products and services that sets them apart from competitors; we love working with those who are ready to emerge authentically and attain ultimate results. 


Combining artistic ability, compassion, strategy and therapeutic skills, I design my own creative lane! I carefully tailor services to help professionals shift focus from transaction to transformation resulting in long term business sustainability. Through demonstrations, educational presentations, and events I aim to show the correlation between healthy relationships, healthy professionals and healthy business. 

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Creating space, opportunities and strategies where professionals can develop, cultivate, and leverage relationships to accelerate their business for future sustainability.

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